Case building questions.....

Bob Zimmer bzimmer at
Fri Jan 23 13:14:57 CET 1998

>I've decided it's about time I built a case to house my collection of
>(most of the Modulus development gets done on bare modules plugged into a 
>breakout on my Formant) and I have a question to ask those of you that have
>there and done that. Basically I'm planning on building a case to house 28 
>modules, it'll be roughly 42" by 18" internally (107cm x 46cm) as this is
>space defined by my desk and walls ATM. The modules are 9x3, a mix of
>and Modulus.....

You probably would be best off using 3/4" plywood.  Chipboard tends to come
apart whenever stressed.  I'm sure that you will be moving the case around
when it comes time to add & wire in new modules.  For this application,
plywood is stronger and lighter.

Of course, in the old days (70's), 3/4" Walnut (with Danish Oil applied by
hand) was the only way to go!

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