Digisound 80-1 foils

Matthew S. Padden m.s.padden at hud.ac.uk
Wed Jan 21 12:52:16 CET 1998


Sean wrote:
>However, some of the photocopies used for the scans aren't as clear as
>they could be, and the PC boards aren't really useable as scanned (i.e.
>if you are scanning the Digisound schematics, Tony, that would be very
>helpful indeed :). I know the power supply was one of the scanned
>modules, but I am unsure of the quality, as I haven't printed it out.

Well, I've almost finished a new PCB foil for the 80-1 PSU, which adds the following 

1) overvoltage protection using a pair of Motorola MC3423 crowbar drivers

2) rectifier decoupling (100n across each diode)

 If anyone's interested, I'll post the foil on the ftp site here. The foil is done in Redac 
CADStar; what format would most people find useful?
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