simple MIDI?

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Wed Jan 21 13:14:38 CET 1998

At 09:25 PM 1/20/98 +0100, Magnus Danielson wrote:
>Even if it is not directly comparable I think that the 6850 is a good
>little thing to consider for many projects. Feed it with a 1 MHz clock
>and it will happly make an MIDI IN/OUT UART with setting some fix
>values once.
Some year ago I posted a schematic of a thing with a 6850 and a couple of
hex inverters that sent program change status and data. It went to the
music machine archives at hyperreal but I don't know if it's still there or
not. The problems is, I haven't seen a 6850 or seen one for sale in a long

>The worst things about CPUs is that they often aid bad programmers in
>being just bad programmers... it is allways so easy to fix broken
>programs rather than make a deep thougth on how to make them work the
>first time instead... ah well...
I beg your pardon :-? C'mon Magnus, you can really imagine all the things
that can go wrong at the outset of a project? I agree with you about
patching, of course. It's hard to pull out big chunks of code and throw
them away, but "old-timers" know that the working code that replaces it
will probably be a lot tighter. 

It's about learning and the errors are the teachers.


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