Formant PSU and homepage!

Erik Schuijers eriks at
Wed Jan 21 13:02:30 CET 1998

Hi Everyone,

it has been quite a while but I'm back... (I'm sounding like Batman or so!)

Anyhow, in reply to the formant PSU. I use it to drive several modules. It
uses 3 723's (if that's the correct number). One for the +15, one for the
-15 and one (optional) for the +5. It can drive to about 1 ampere (on both
sides) thanks to the 2n3055 transistors. If you even wanted a bigger supply
you could go for the LM355 (again I'm not sure of this number). In an old
Elektor book I found a supply especially designed for synths with the LM-IC
which could drive up to two amps! Wowee!

Something quite different: I'm finally updating my homepage. I've already
scanned some photographs of my garbage. Also some samples have been made.

They are already at:

Please check them out and let me know what you think! The analog page will
be updated soon with: pics, samples, building experiences etc....

All the best!


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