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Y-ellow y'all.
        'n' thanks for suggesting various circuses with 723s in them. I know
Anders's site is damn good and we should all pay homage to the great man.
However his files all seem to use TIF files. Not just any TIF file but a
Pack-bits TIFF file. The problem with TIF pack-bits is that there are at
least two formats and varying levels of compression. All of which mean that
some graphix programs can read some types and others can't. My graphix
software is in the former catagory. Whilst it can read Pack-bits, it just
can't read this particular form of pack-bits. Which is a bit of a shame
because Anders has some really interesting looking stuff over there I would
have liked to have had a look at. I actually downloaded the formant docs.
Well the first part of them anyway. Only to encounter this problem.

I had used pack-bits once or twice myself to send files to other people.
Only to find that they couldn't read them. No doubt they would be able to
read these files but not mine.

I guess the only solution would be to find something that can read them. And
if possible convert them to something more standard. Any suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advnace.

Be absoluely Icebox.
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