DIY tape echo -- possible?

Don Tillman don at
Tue Jan 20 17:30:16 CET 1998

   Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 23:14:30 +0000
   From: scott <64k at>

   After, more experimenting it appears my deck can only play or 
   record, because switching one on automatically switches the other

More to the point, some of the circuitry is switched between recording
and playback functions.

   Anyway, I am interested in the circuits for the playback amps Rene.

Place the tape deck in record mode and connect the playback head to
the phono input on a hifi receiver.  (It's harder to find hifi
receivers with phono inputs these days, and the EQ won't be exact,
you'll have to tweak that if you care, but if you're hand-mounting a
playback head I guess your requirements aren't all that precise.)

If you're more serious, the National Semiconductor Audio Handbook (out
of print) has schematics for opamp-based tape head preamps.  The EQ
circuitry is explained pretty well there.  And I'm sure some issues of
Audio Amateur must cover tape head preamps too.

  -- Don

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