MIDI-SYNC (was Re: simple MIDI?)

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Tue Jan 20 13:24:39 CET 1998

Y-ellow Y'all.

At 09:00 AM 1/19/98 -0600, John Simonton wrote:

>If you're going with an 8051 based unit, the midi2cv8 code at
>www.paia.com/md2cv820.zip can serve as a example of one way to do it. Even
>though the midi2cv8 can do MIDI sync and provide Pitch, Velocity and Gate
>for a couple of synths at the same time, it's pretty easy to strip out just
>the sync part. The corresponding schematic is at www.paia.com/midi2sch.gif .

Good point. Though code wise, there's a site which is a repository of MIDI
code. Somewhere on there there is a code for a project which... God I can't
remember what it's spoze to do. Damn. But it takes MIDI in and spits out
some signals which is about what you're after. All I remember is that it has
an LCD on it as well. The same site has code for a MIDI mother keyboard
project as well.

Yea well right I can't remember the hURL off hand. However you can find it
easy enough by doing an alta vista search. And whilst you're at it. Do a
seach for Paulmon. That's an MCS51 monitor program written by a guy called
paul. Forget his other name but it's some nice development code. The idea is
that you chuck in Paul-mon which pulls the micro up for you and provides an
environment for debugging. You then attach your code to it and tell paul-mon
to go off and run it. Paul mon will tell you what's going on. It will allow
you to run your programs in virtual single step mode so you can check each
step of the way. That kind of thing. Rather cool and quite popular I'm told.
Paul was just a student apparently who needed to write a small
monitor/debugger. It got out of hand. If you find his site, I know he's got
links to all the other important 8051 sites.

Oh I just realized where the bookmarks are. Here ya go.

8051 Tools, Code and Projects 
That's Paul's site I think.

Dunno what that one is off hand but I think it might be the code repository.

Hope that helps.

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