Sitars and Waveshaping

Martin Czech martin.czech at
Mon Jan 19 08:21:26 CET 1998

By the way, relatively good sitar aproximations where done with
FM-Synthesis (DX7 etc.). They use several parallel FM-ways (algo 32,
you now what I mean ?), some for the "resonators" some for the plucked
strings. And lots of sustain.  Unfortunately you can't do Yamaha-FM
with an analogue system.  (I say Yamaha-FM because it's phase
modulation, and that's hard to implement with analogue cicuitry and
reasonable precision).


m.c. has made it finally:  3 CDs out now; 72 min. minimum; "1"
(1994-1995),"2" (95-96),"three" (96-97); experimental stuff; mostly
Eimert/Stockhausen style; but also modern popular style

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