Spice up your Polysix

Marjan Urekar urekar.m at EUnet.yu
Sat Jan 17 09:48:41 CET 1998

Hi again,
I thought about some mods for Korg Polysix.

1) If I'm correct, on klm-367 ,pin#5 of ic21 is MG output wave,so you
take some waveform converter (many schematics on the net) to get
square/triangle/sine/upsaw/downsaw modulating waves selectable by
switch (inserted between pin 5 and next point),add noise too ,to
modulate vco/vcf/vca

2) Adjust trimpot VR5 on the klm-367 to get lower/higher MG speed
and VR4 for PWM speed

3) Take noise source ,connect it to voltage dividing pot (placed 
instead ,say,that boring attenuator switch) ,33k resistor inseries
with some cap,make it x 6,one bunch to wiper of noise volume pot
and others to inputs of each SSM filter (to point where are 3 x 33k res
10uF cap,one pin from 4066 and TestPoint - locate it on klm-366)
and you should get noise sweeps and snares on your old ps6.

4) And if I take those 6 envelopes,use some buffers (ca3080)
controlled by some voltage pot ,and route it to vco mod
inputs (mix it with MG voltage?).Fun?

5) 2 separate inputs for modulatig vco/vca (vcf has already one) with
ext source: via some 100k res to pin#6 of ic8 (klm-367) for vco
mod ,33k to pin#4 of ic1(14066) for vca mod,and you still can
switch in MG indipend. of ext.

6) Make your resonance modulated by MG ! Take switch from MG output
as in 1) (or from waveform modulator :) and connect it via 100k res
to pin#6 ic9(4558).
Also, those envelopes via buffers and resistors to pin#2 of SSM2044
to regulate res by EG

More ideas later,but any (techie) people to discuss upper,can all it
be done?Anyone willing to solder inside his ps6? 

Don't fry your transistors

Marjan Urekar
urekar.m at eunet.yu

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