Another kind of Phasing

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Thu Jan 15 00:29:36 CET 1998

>>>>> "PJS" == P J Sonnichsen <pjs at> writes:

 PJS> Where are the frequency shifter schematics posted?
 PJS> - P.J.
 PJS> (inharmonic minds want to know)

Ah, Juergen Haible's FS-1 (Frequency Shifter 1) can be found at:

where I put them when Juergen wasn't aible to put them on the web.

You will also find the ASM-1 next to it at:

other than that you can ofcourse browse around all my other pages at
your own risc ;) I haven't maintained all of them for quite some time.
Lack of time I suppose...


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