Home-made front panels

John Speth johns at oei.com
Mon Jan 12 18:07:11 CET 1998

I've been experimenting with this laser copied transparency technique and I've gotton good results but I have no long term data.  So I have a few questions for people who have done this...

Does the transparency yellow over the years?
Will some spray paints somehow react with the transparency and weaken it or discolor it?
Has anybody tried backing the transparency with colored paper that has been stuck on using sticky spray?

John Speth
Object Engineering, Inc.
johns at oei.com

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I've done something very similar: I design my panels in Photoshop, then
invert and reverse the image (i.e. white lettering on black background,
backwards). I print it out on transperancy sheets, then spray paint the
ink side with white spray paint. When it's dry, I turn it over and end
up with bright white lettering shining through the black outline. This
is affixed with spray mount to a plain panel (obviously, with the
ink/paint side down, hence why it was reversed). I drill the holes
first, using a test printing on paper to mark their locations. Since the
ink side is down, the ink and paint doesn't rub off.

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