Fatman: any experiences with self made Ep

Chris Crosskey chrisc at zetnet.co.uk
Sun Jan 11 17:24:38 CET 1998

John Simonton wrote...


>The newest revision of the midi2cv8 code was released to production (in
>other words, I burned a bunch and handed them to Mona) Wednesday of this
>week. There was an annoying bug in the v2.0 midi2cv8 posted a couple of
>weeks ago that we didn't see until we had played with it ourselves for a
>couple of days (Can someone tell me why in the world a CZ-1 _doesn't_ use
>running status but still sends zero velocity Note-ons instead of Note-offs?
>- that's rhetorical actually, but if you have a clue ...). 

Umm.. in the earliest version of the  MIDI protocol this was accepted as a 
method of sending Note off's, and there ares several other 84/85 vintage synths 
that do it too......


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