Home-made front panels

Kurt Dwight Bleach gghegel at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 11 03:11:39 CET 1998

I've done something very similar: I design my panels in Photoshop, then
invert and reverse the image (i.e. white lettering on black background,
backwards). I print it out on transperancy sheets, then spray paint the
ink side with white spray paint. When it's dry, I turn it over and end
up with bright white lettering shining through the black outline. This
is affixed with spray mount to a plain panel (obviously, with the
ink/paint side down, hence why it was reversed). I drill the holes
first, using a test printing on paper to mark their locations. Since the
ink side is down, the ink and paint doesn't rub off.

I came up with this procedure because the Frak Rack panels, and regular
plain panels that I get from my local electronics store are all black,
so I couldn't use press and peel or just regular black lettering on

JBV wrote:

> Has anyone checked the article in Elektor of Nov. 1997, suggesting
> how to make professional-looking front panels ?
> The idea is not extraordinary, but it can work.
> The article suggests to :
>         - design front panels on a graphic software
>         - print the result in color on some adhesive paper
>         - drill holes (similar to the real front panel) in the printed
> paper
>         - stick the printed stuff straight on the front panel
>         - stick an adhesive anti-UV filter on top of everything (to
> prevent
> UV to spoil colors - this is certainly for those who take their
> modulars out to summer countryside picnics, just in case the kids
> get bored...)
> Has anyone tried this ? The only drawback I see so far is that all
> front panels have a white background...
> jbv

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