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Why do it wrong when you can do it right?

The right thing is to have the chassis connected to the third prong of
the ac line, for shielding and safety, and have the signal ground
seperate from the chassis ground, for ground loop reasons, and have
the two connected with a low value resistor (say 10 ohms or
thereabouts) so that in the absence of any other ground connection you
won't be floating.  

Simple, easy, safe, no ground loops.

Hi Don and all,

Thank you very much for the suggeston.  I realized that I was suffering from a
"can't see the forest for the trees" kind of thing.  I'm so used to working
with quitar stompboxes where the case most often needs to be signal ground (if
you wanna use the good connectors), that it didn't occur to me that for a
modular, this doesn't need to be the case!  I was ganna star ground each
module at the panel but better on the pcb ground plane anyway.

Now, I also am thinking though that I don't need to connect the grounds at all
really, since the modular will a) aways be connected to another unit's signal
ground and b) it's happy floating anyway as long as the supplies are
referenced to signal ground (they are).  Somebody lob a brick at me if there's
a major problem with this arrangement please.

Can I plead a temporary case of stupidity!

Thanks for the help!


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