late one : To earth, or not to earth..

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Sat Jan 10 19:35:12 CET 1998

Hi all,

I'm just wonder what opinions are on a safety item that I purposely ignored
for grounding reasons.  Do other people make the same choice I have?  See

In a message dated 98-01-09 12:24:38 EST, tim at writes:
<< So to summarise the mains earth is there for protection not as a refence
 point (many places the neutral and earth are tied together at the mains
 incomming point.

Ok so I  just finished my power supply which IS mounted inside a metal chassis
but I did NOT connect (to ground or anywhere else) the third wire (ground from
120VAC wall socket).   I did this because I wanted the chassis to float in
order to help avoid ground loops when interfacing to commercially built
equipment which (in most cases) does have grounded chassis.  And just for the
record, the power supply unit is a Power One brand whose output is isolated
from the AC  line.

Certainly this breaks all UL (an others) rules for ground saftey.  But I'm not
planning on selling this item to anyone and I have tested to ensure that
indeed, the chassis IS floating.  It saves me from using a ground lift plug
thing which achives the same end (and we all know that everybody uses those).

So do you feel this is something that I should just be wary of and proceed?
Or is this one of those "Hell Buck, I wouldn't be on the same stage with you
and Twisted Metal Box of Doom" cases?

I'll ground the chassis if everybody yells at me.  But I'm thinking that many
others out there may be doing the same thing.  I mean, it is safe unless the
power supply fails severely and shorts the line to the chassis......

Comments invited.

BTW, still working on the Pamona banana to banana bulk order thing....


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