thermistor III

Paul Perry pfperry at
Sat Jan 10 14:16:10 CET 1998

At 11:27 AM 10/01/98 +0100, Rene uzs159 wrote:
 If one 
>epoxies the NTC (assumed a not too bulky one is used) directly to 
>the chip the temperature mismatch won't be that high.
.....perhaps that conductive (silver? or nickle loaded) epoxy is more
 thermally conductive... or is this too obsessive even for this list ;)

BTW, just noticed
this is a guitar related bulletin board, but there is a subset
DIY-effects, so perhaps someone from here will be interested!
I knew intuitively there had to be something like this, but it 
took me a while to find.... if you worry why the caps in the sections of 
the univibe are all different, this could be the place for you!

paul perry melbourne australia 

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