Gear (possibly) for sale, update (finally)

Five rmiller at
Sat Jan 10 09:09:50 CET 1998

To all those that had possibly been interested in some of the gear that
I may be purchasing, I'll be finding out later today (Sat'day, Jan.
11th) whether I'm buying the gear or not.  It's a package deal, ONLY,
and I'll only purchase it if the price is within my limits.  Will find
out this afternoon.
Sorry about all of the delays in the time it's taken.  :O  I couldn't
get the chap over here till tomorrow.

To mention the gear again:

1 - Minimoog
1 - Moog Source
2 - Moog Polymoogs (synths - not the keyboard types)
2 - Roland MC-202s
1 - Roland TR-606 (rackmounted already)
1 - (standard outfit) Roland System 100m modular. (NOT the System 100)
1 - Linn LM-1

I'd love to be able to keep the System 100m, but I'll let it go if I
receive a higher offer. :O  (Sorry if I'm being greedy there, but, I
LOVE that machine. :O )

Take care all.  Sorry taking up bandwidth.

A.R.F. is dead - May 22nd, 1997
"But 'his' heart's still beating in
some dreams, around the world. :)"

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