AW: Unknown amp

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Thu Jan 8 16:52:34 CET 1998

	>Anybody out there have knowledge about the Torque combo
amplifiers? I got >one with 35W output.
	>Any schemos?

No schemos, but maybe a bit of information.
Brings back sweet memories ...
When I was a student I got this job at a small music shop
which sold Torque amps and mixers. Torque
must have been a very low-price manufacturer back then,
and I was to look inside and build "something comparable".
That was when MAM started in the back rooms of a music
store in Erlangen. I did not find anything interesting in these
Torque devices. Lots of 741 opamps which caused only
horror for me (having mainly done HiFi circuits before (;->) ).
So I suggested building an inexpensive mixer around the
much better NE5534 opamps, which became the MAM Line 
Hmm, this does not answer your question, and I really don't
know what has become of Torque and if they still use cheap
circuits or not (don't want to step on anybody's toes).


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