Tempcos was: Re: New(?) ideas for the new year

Josh Rowe jitter at fortwayne.infi.net
Thu Jan 8 00:10:30 CET 1998

At 03:13 PM 1/7/98 +0100, you wrote:
>We could simply put a controlled oven around the expo-converter, to keep
>the temperature always say at 50C (what some critical crystal oscillator
>applications also do, so this is not so stupid as it may sound).
>m.c. has made it finally:  3 CDs out now; 72 min. minimum; "1"
>(1994-1995),"2" (95-96),"three" (96-97); experimental stuff; mostly
>Eimert/Stockhausen style; but also modern popular style

How many people have actually built an oven to do this? I know about using
multi-transistor ICs, using 2 for expo conversion and the other 2 for a
heater/regulator circuit.  Since the charging capacitor will also change
along with the temperature, wouldn't it be better (though harder) to build
an oven and stick the expo converter and the charging cap (at a minimum)
into it?  Or is this too much work for too little gain?
Has anyone else thought of this or better yet attempted it?

Just curious.

Josh Rowe
jitter at fortwayne.infi.net

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