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Wed Jan 7 03:48:47 CET 1998

> Y-ellow Y'all.
>         I'll say this once more for the cheap seets. TripleDAT does not use
> DSPs. It is all done through the CPU and uses system memory.

OK. Even so, it IS proprietary hardware. Using your own hardware has a
LOT of advantages than relying on Windows sound drivers (which the bulk
of what you call "toys" use). You can code directly at the assembler
level with that. Reality uses this principle, and I imagine if there's
no DSPs tripleDAT does too. 

> But anyway, A DSP can help off load your number crunching needs greatly. A
> sound card such as a TBS 65K would be of emence interest to you in that
> case. It's called a "56K" because it's main claim to fame is that it sports
> a Motorola 56K. and is reasonably open to thrird party abuse. People have
> done some amazing things with them. Including some pretty whoopy synthesis.
> I'm not sure if they still make them but they have a huge following amongst
> the audio coding fraternity.

That might be interesting... TBS as in Turtle Beach Systems? 

Pinnacle Project Studio, Multisound Pinnacle, and Multisound Fiji have
the 56002 DSP. Hmm. Hackable you say? Hmm. I was looking into getting a
pro-spec recording card along the lines of the Card D and the Layla/Darla
(sorry, TripleDAT isn't $500. (: ) and I dunno how the TB cards rate.
(Fiji is $360 list) But that's off topic. 

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