Someone could check my EPROM in his Fatman?

Heiko Bajus uhb17 at
Tue Jan 6 17:09:37 CET 1998

Hi again!

My Problem is that I don´t know if my EPROM is bad or the circuit contains
an error. The only way to check this out could be to test my Fatman with a
really working EPROM, or/and test my EPROM in a working Fatman. 
Unfortunately I don´t know anyone in Germany who has got a Fatman. My hope
is that anyone of you could do me the favour to check my EPROM in his
synth. I would then send him my EPROM by snail mail. Because I am here in
Germany someone near (Europe) would be appreciated. Of course I would pay
all postal costs.

Regards, Heiko

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