Korg RK-100

Al Sherlock asher at nanaimo.ark.com
Tue Jan 6 02:14:20 CET 1998

Hi people!

I just picked up a Korg RK-100 with an EX-800 synth module.  The module
works great but the RK-100 does not.  Now... finding the problems in these
things is not my relm of expertise.  I'm actually quite poor at diagnostics.
What I really need is the schematics for the RK-100.  At least this would
give me the upper hand on this rig.  Perhaps I can find out what's wrong and
not have to mortgage my house to get it fixed.  So, if anyone knows where I
can get some info on the inside of these things? I would much appreciate it.
Also...I am looking for the schematics for an old Hohner Pianet...hard to
find but you never know.
Also, (yes there's more) I just bought a bunch of CFR type resistors...are
they going to cause me grief if I try to put them in where 1% metal should
be going? (ie. Formant PSU).
Any help or advice is very welcome.


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