Digital designs?

Martin Fay mfay at
Mon Jan 5 16:08:26 CET 1998

> Ya know, I have to test out VAZ before I ask, but what's the max speed
> of the envelopes? Could a Waldorf Pulse (3 VCO, 2 1.9ms envelopes) be done
> under the ball and chain of Windows 95? Instantly, without latency?
> That's just one voice, no latency.

The minimum is 4ms, but I set this by comparison to my Odyssey, 
there's no reason they couldn't be tweaked to run faster. The 
response is exponential and computed at the sample rate, so I believe 
they should be bang on.

The architecture I've gone for isn't quite a pulse, it's 2 osc / 
filter / amp, with 2 LFO, 2 env and fully patchable modulation. I 
guess I could build a "pulse emulation" patch in the modular version 
I have in development with little difficulty.

> When you are doing very fast bass for
> industrial and techno, latency is going to kill you.

Only if it's late compared to anything else...dialing in a small 
track delay in a sequencer isn't a problem, and 20ms (which I can get 
with 1 voice) isn't much more than nothing. For instance reality has 
a 17ms latency afaik.

There's a v1.5 beta of the demo version of VAZ on my pages with 
DirectSound support if you want to check this out.


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