Erik Schuijers eriks at stack.nl
Mon Jan 5 13:46:06 CET 1998

Hi Everyone,

first of all a happy new year and so...

Know, I have a problem with my PAiA m2cv8. The 4051 mux IC gets extremely
hot under operation. It started to smell and I burned my finger to it.
Ofcourse it doesn't work properly anymore. Can this be a cause of the
relatively high voltage my transformer produces? There's about 16.8 volts
accross the power lines of the mux (Vdd - Vss).

As  I live in Europe I used another transformer as the original PAiA (110V).

Or did I just burn the MUX during soldering. The weird thing is that it did
work for some time!

Some help is always apreciated!


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