banana cables?

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<< does anybody on here know of a good place to get banana cables? the 
 stacking kind like Serge has. I have been told that Rex wont sell them a 
 la carte and all the catalogs I have only offer red or black.
 I know they are out there! >>

Hi all,

I've been casually been looking into this issue lately although I need to turn
up the heat on my quest.  

I know  that the killer Pamona banana to banana (stackable) are available in
all colors but I've found too that the catalogs only list red and black.  My
local distributor has all colors but they are $3.70 US a piece.  Where I work,
we once bought a "bulk pack" that was a huge assortment of various lengths and
colors and it made the per unit cost much cheaper (although the bulk pack was
VERY expensive - it's huge!).  It's possible that my distributor (Western
Radio in San Diego) just buys that bulk pack then sells 'em individually.

Either way, I'm going to be looking into this during the next couple of weeks
so let me know if anyone's interested in splitting up a big order.

Oh, yeah, happy new year!

Buck @ some stupid AOL address because I can't seem to keep the same account
for more than a month....

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