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At 04:56 PM 1/4/98 -0500, Soundwave [Chad Gould] wrote:

>Sure. But this is all buffered, processed I/O. With HD recording,
>latency isn't as much of a problem so much as the latency is only at the
>start when you hit record and play. 

Did I mention this can be done from the real world in real time? Ah yes I
think I did.

I said:
> And if need be, process and mix
> something from the real world. All in Real time. All with quality that would
> make a DP/4 owner spit shit. Oh and I should point out that it can do this
> under win3.11 as well. 

Forget SAW. SAW is a toy.

What you have to realize is that there are programmers and there are
programmers. The people @ Creamware are so smart they managed to do what
every other maker of HD recording packages said was impossible. And that is
to sync to the sequencer of your own choice running concurrently on the same
platform under 3.11 without the aid of streaming support. We are not talking
about a package where; The HD recorder is an intrinsic part of the
sequencer. IE: Cakewalk, Cuebase, Logic. We're not talking about requiring
some special piece of MIDI hardware that sends MTC out one physical port and
retrieves it through another. We're talking about a straight up exchange of

We are talking about FX quality that has been recognized as some of the best
in the business. We're talking about FX in real-time from the Real-world.
What I'm saying in case you aint got the picture yet is that it runs what
they call WARP mode. You can inject a signal, direct from the real world in
real time in either or both Digital or analogue and process is and spit it
out. In real-time. In effect be used as an out-board FX processor. Get the
picture. And I mean at the same time.

But this is not the point. The point is that the fact shouldn't be lost on
you that, this stuff is possible under 3.11 or 95 if you know what you are
about. There is so much cpu time lost in slack coding, if you can get round
that problem with your own code, it would seem that a great many things are

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