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Y-ellow Ya'll.
At 04:50 PM 1/2/98 BST, Martin Fay wrote:
>> I wouldn't trust Win95 for anything more than a simple
>> monosynth (real-time at least) at this point. 
>Think again...I have software on sale that can run 4 voices at 44kHz, 
>5 on a good day...latency with the cpu (a K6/200) maxed out like this 
>is 40ms, but it will go lower if things aren't being pushed as hard.

Look I just can't resist this. On a P166, TripleDAT, under win95 can; Play
back 16 stereo tracks whilst processing them indavidually or together in the
mix, with, compresson (Soft knee), Gating (Soft knee) equalization and
reverb and still have time to sync the sequencer running concurrently on the
same platform driving 4 sound cards. And if need be, process and mix
something from the real world. All in Real time. All with quality that would
make a DP/4 owner spit shit. Oh and I should point out that it can do this
under win3.11 as well. Makes little difference. And this is all done by the
CPU. So 5 voices on a K6 @ 200 would seem a little lame to me. Or they'd
wanna be 5 amazingly complex voices. 

I should make it clear here. That whilst we were talking about using a PC
and sound card as a platform for coding as opposed to strating from scratch.
As Paul Perry pointed out, for the cost of such a platform, you couldn't
even buy the chips. But I have seen some way wicked stuff running under 3.11
and 95. I have been to the mountain as it were. If only Big Bill hadn't have
got there first and claimed it in the name of microsoft.

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