Formant PSU and Hohner

Al Sherlock asher at
Thu Jan 1 00:15:25 CET 1998

I have a couple of small problems...
I am attempting to build a Formant PSU.  The parts list says...
"transformer(s) with 18V, 18V and 10V secondaries at 1A".  On that statement
they are saying that I can use either one trans or more.
Now...I've never put one of these together.  Can I use one transformer or do
I need three, one for each power supply tap?  If I use I need to
split the power output or do the secondary windings solve this for me?
Locally, I have found a transformer that meets the specs but has no
secondaries.  Will this do?  Do I need to find the exact product or can I
use this transformer and just split up it's output?

Also...I need the schematics for a early model Hohner Pianet.  Everything
inside seems to be working, I'm just not getting anything on the scope from
the bar pickup.
Any help on this one would be most welcome...

                                        Talk to ya later

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