Soldering irons

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Sat Nov 29 22:55:53 CET 1997

On the subject of soldering irons, may I recommend the Antex CS17. It isn't 
built to the standards of the Weller irons, but then it only costs about 35 USD 
(I'm translating from UKP here) It is rebuildable, you should be able to get the 
parts from the catalogues, and I know, having done so recently that you can 
leave it on overnight without the handle getting hot.....It's nice and small in 
the hand, has some small bits, runs off mains voltage. It's disadvantages are 
that it lacks the variable heat control of the big Wellers, it has problems with 
groundplanes as it doesn't shove enough out to melty solder onto them unless you 
wait a few minutes and it is a disgusting shade of yellow. That said, nearly all 
the electronics hobbiests I know want a Weller, but own an Antex, for hobby use 
it's a very good compromise..


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