Soldering irons

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Fri Nov 28 23:57:04 CET 1997

There is ONLY one good soldering iron: Weller. You get them from Newark (1-800-4-NEWARK). Ask for a catalog,
it is 1500 pages!!!!

See my Tutorial Page at

Get the Model number EC1002-1 Yes, it's expensive. BUT.....I STILL have my Weller  WTCPT I bought in 1974 that I use for general stuff. Even with new tips, that comes to $1.75/year. The EC1002 has adjustable temperature, and a very accurate temp. regulation circuit. I have had this one for 4 years, and I expect it will last another 25. That's
about $8.50/year.

If you got to stay <$100, then get the WTCPT station (about $80).

Summary: you get what you pay for. Having a good iron is a no-brainer after you start lifting pads and
traces and destroy your last 3360 in your MemoryMoog. ( and no, I don't have any more!)

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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Okay, I'll be putting a soldering iron on my Christmas list (to myself) this
year. Does anyone have any suggestions? What features should I look for?
Where can I order one? I don't mind paying more for something that will last.
"Weller" is a name I see mentioned alot. Do they have a web sight? Obviously
this will be my first soldering iron which I plan to use mainly on analogue
synth and effects building/repairing. 

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


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