A old record player.

Anthony Bowyer-Lowe anthony at amudarya.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 23 17:05:56 CET 1997

>Do you have any suggestions on what i might rebuild a 
>old record player into ??

Okay, try this (I know I'm going to try it with a spare
turntable of my own)...

Get an analogue clock and fasten it to the turntable.
Mod the deck to play backwards (anticlockwise/widdershins
when viewed from above).
Place mirrors at differing angles along the outside edge
of the clock.
Hang the deck on the wall, with the turntable rotating,
and with a laser pen (hurry, buy before they're banned!) shining
at the clock edge. Maybe adjust the mirrors so that the
reflected laser light splatters across the ceiling, or maybe
mount photo-resistors somewhere to control synths 'n' things

Now freak out whenever you want to know what the time is.

Optional: paint everything black except the clock hands which
should be luminous/flouro/highly radioactive...

ynohtnA (Who has a backwards rotating clock on his wall).
Anthony Bowyer-Lowe <= The Essence Of Anthony.

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