Ibanez Sonic etc...

Erik Schuijers eriks at stack.nl
Wed Nov 19 19:03:27 CET 1997

Hi All,

as there were some posts about distortions; I've built an Ibanez Sonic
Distortion last week. It's a VERY simple schematic and it's very easy to
build. It sounds OK though! I use it in combination with my Fatman!

I'll post some info to my homepage soon!

I'm currently building a combined distortion (differential distortion) and a
60's style fuzz. Should be finished this weekend!

Check out Leper's schematics (search with infoseek!) for some easy to build

Something else: I'm planning to build the ETI waveform multiplier! I'm
looking for some tips/mods etc... I can't find the original synth-diy
archive! Where is it of to?


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