Transistor Arrays - whats going on!

Roy Tate roytate at
Wed Nov 19 00:30:53 CET 1997

I just talked to Mouser, and they told me the CA3046, CA3086 
and CA3096 are "non-catalog items."  They offered to sell me 
525 of the CA3046s (minimum order quantity), but I declined.  :)
This _apparently_ reflect Mouser's desire to stock only higher 
volume items, as I couldn't find anything at
mentioning the death of the CA3046.

So now would be a good time to figure out a scheme for matching 
transistors.  I know Sean Costello has Moog's method on his web 
page (see my links.), but several members of Synth-DIY felt this 
matching was sub-optimal.  What tests would be best?
How about if I ...
* Use a precision current source
* Measure voltage at two current levels
... And independantly select for low noise in a noise circuit.
(That last is just a wild idea ...)


Roy Tate
roytate at

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