Compressing Modulars?

Roy Tate roytate at
Mon Nov 17 08:32:17 CET 1997

R. Fahl wrote:
>That leads me to this question:  Would it make more sense to build a set of
>compressor modules, or should I just go and get myself a multichannel unit,
>such as the Behringer Multicom.  I want to keep the signal path as clean as

I've been considering this idea as well.  The SSM2122 (or some successor),
the NE570, and several others offer an easy way to make a compressor.
One half of the circuit converts the current signal level to a control
(a precision rectifier), and some additional circuitry controls a VCA.  The
rectifier could have a direct out and be uses as an envelope follower, and
the VCA could be fed a different signal than the rectifier, offering a
full-featured compressor.

Or, you could just have a switch on your VCA to control whether the
rectifier + compressor circuit kicks in.  This would be a minimalist
thing, with a switch and knobs for threshold and ratio.

The next question:  would a "simple" compressor with hard-knee
be acceptable?


Roy Tate
roytate at

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