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Martin Fay mfay at
Fri Nov 14 14:30:56 CET 1997

Gene wrote:
> Although the scanning EPROM idea has been around for a while, the
> ability to load my own sounds into the EPROM by recording them on my
> PC's sound card has suddenly made this an idea that may just be
> worth pursuing. Maybe this idea can start a conversation on the DIY
> list?

The next release of my software synth will have wavetable capability 
on the 2nd oscillator, so it could come in handy to prototype wave 
files before burning them into EPROM.

As an aside, I've also got rough DirectSound code running so the 
latency is down to 40ms-ish which means the lag is hardly noticeable 
(or at least nor objectionable) when playing from a keyboard.


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