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Wed Nov 12 18:39:56 CET 1997

Hello list,

To start, some new addresses:

  synth-diy at
  majordomo at
  rick at
I have noticed there were some problems with the list :-)
These were caused by the unexpected removal of the list to
a new machine. Actually this was announced in July already,
but the actual move did not happen until now, and even 
without me knowing. But, we're back, and back under my control,
so things should be ok for the time to come.

The DIY archive on the web is not in working order yet, but you 
can always browse the archive as described below.


The synth-diy list is intended for discussions about synthesizer
electronics and the building of (mostly analogue) synthesizers. 
Expect discussions on modulars and their various modules like
voltage controlled oscillators, filters, ring modulators and the 
like. Topics like heated dual transistors for the ultimate exp 
converter are certainly not shunned here. The list is not intended
for 'for-sale' messages.

To subscribe send a mail to 'majordomo at' with a line:

  subscribe synth-diy

To unsubscribe send a mail to 'majordomo at' with a line:

  unsubscribe synth-diy

To send a message to the list send a mail to 

  synth-diy at

The list is archived too, to get a listing of already archived 
messages send a mail to 'majordomo at' with a line: 

  index synth-diy

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  get synth-diy filename

WWW pages are on (will be soon):

If you would like a link from there to your home page let me know.

I hope you will have many fruitful discussions on this list.

Virtually yours,

Rick Jansen
rick at
S&H's a module and s&h's looking good

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