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Paul Schreiber synth1 at
Sun Nov 30 17:13:11 CET 1997

Here is a quick update for interested parties:

1) Yes, I'm still doing it.
2) Yes, I'm behind since I had unplanned gum surgery (in fact, going in for round #2 on Wednesday).
3) I talked to my cabinet maker today. The price of the unit looks good from his standpoint. We plan to
ship these 'knocked-down' (ie assembly required). We are using special hardware based on "blind
quarter-turn rivits" that will allow quick assemply with a hammer and a screwdriver. All holes are pre-drilled.

The case will be offered in 'natural' and stained. The actual wood will be oak or maple (haven't decided yet).
The case is based on the original Moog 55 main cabinet. Internally, there is a 110/220 linear power supply
which is UL/CSA/CE approved, and a harness system using 3 pc boards and 4 conductor "jumper cables"
with termination connectors like on hard drives (4 pin, keyed). There are two drilled and tapped mounting rails
that screw into the case to support the modules. The holes are spaced like a standard 19" rack (only
sideways!). The height is 5U. There is a IEC connector for power: US orders get a power cord. Foreign
shipments: you provide the cord.

The case will be offered without the power supply for those wishing it.

This thing will be heavy to ship, guessing around 28lbs. UPS is preferred method, including foreign. Other
methods will be considered.

The cost will be around $375-400 plus shipping (module not included). Of course, if you order the case and
the first module(s) together, I will offer a discount.

4) Module #1 will be breadboarded next week. The design was completed right before the first surgery. 

5) People are curious about the VCO strategy. Well, it's a 2 part deal.

a) First out will be a Dual VCO based on 2 CEM3340 chips. These (duh!) will be in limited supply. As of now
I can build about 40 of these. If more 3340s turn up, I can do more. I will keep spares in case you blow one.

b) Doug Curtis and I are working on a discrete VCO for mid-year. All discrete.

Now I ask a favor: before the list switched over, I had a good feel for how many of you are planning to buy
a cabinet. Please respond privately ASAP if you still are. I am having the prototype made next month. I
will post pictures of it on the site ( along with drawings.

Sorry for the delay: it's not easy working with 43 stiches in your mouth while on pain pills.

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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