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The trouble with using banana (EVEN Serge) is that you are relying on a ground loop (Bad!) for your
audio signals. This will allow 50/60Hz hum to enter the system. The "convience" of stacking can easily be
gotten around by multiples.

The problem with 1/4" is that the holes are large enough for dust to get in. Also, the cost of the interconnect can be expensive.

I think 3.5mm" jacks are a good compromise. You can get molded, sheilded cables pretty cheaply from Mouser.
They are not as rugged (ie sustain a zillion plug/unplug cycles) as either banana or 1/4". 

Actually, the best choice is BNC. These are the 1/4 turn connectors found on test equipment (ie scopes). They
are sealed against dust, cost the same as a good Switchcraft 1/4" jack, and you can swing a Moog 55 over your
head with one patchcord (not recommended, see Page 47 of the Owner's Manual). The downside is the
relative cost of the cables, about 20% over 1/4". But for sheilding and reliability you can't beat them.

MOTM will have holes for 3.5mm spaced far enough apart to allow other jacks to be used if you drill them.

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I'm currently building up stocks of bits and bobs to aid me in my quest
build myself a bit of a modular synthesisor, and I've seen all the
discussions about the different patch methods (banana/jack), but since
I'm not too surea bout myself at this point, what great difference does
the earth conenction make in this respect? I mean, what benefit does a
earthable mono jack plug have over the standard single-wire banana plug?
What is a normalised connection? Doesn't this cause problems with earth
loops and hum and all that palarver?

Oh aye, somebody thoughtfully unsubscribed me a week or two ago, so I'm
not sure what the conclusion of the small scope thread was. If nobody
mentioned it before, Maplin sell a mini size (95mm diagonal screen) CRT
monitor unit for a hundred squids. Needs a 1v pk-to-ok vid source, 2
pots for brightness and contrast and a +12v DC 400mA ps. 203x36x103mm.

Any help?

Also, any news of the motm scheme? What size/type of patching does the
digisound gang use?

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