Filters again....

Sat Nov 29 22:42:22 CET 1997

First of all, Rick's announcement of his filter posted to:
could not have come at a better time! I had just stumbled upon a printout
from this page I made some time ago - I was inspired to put the thing
together, but I didn't know whose page the schematic came from.  Now
I really am glad to here that there's a PC board available. 
After the recent talk of filter poles,  I was wondering - how would one
modify a pre-existing ladder filter to have more poles?  Is it simply
a matter of adding more transistors/capacitors to the ladder?  And would
all other parts of the circuit remain unchanged? Hmmm.....  
Somewhere I have an Electronotes schematic of a filter with "variable
slopes" - There were separate 6 dB/octave VCFs that were chained together
and the CV for each was scalable so that the frequencies could be spread
apart or brought togther with a separate control voltage.  I never built
one, so I don't know how it sounded.....


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