Herbert Eimert II

Martin Czech martin.czech at itt-sc.de
Fri Nov 28 09:43:59 CET 1997

>Well Martin, would you say that there is something interesting
>in the sounds that Eimert and his people got with their "primitive"
>valve equipment?

Yes, I think so, if you keep in mind that it was 1953-60.

Ok, I'll see if the record is still available. 
If not, I could provide copies (copyright law?).

Well, I don't want to end up in jail 8-> .

What about this: 

I tested 8 Bit .wav 22kHz format yesterday, it is not so bad.
If someone has a space where I could ftp samples to, that would 
be great. If the interest is still there afterwards, I could make some 
DAT-Tapes. Hey, man can fly to the moon, but it is still 
difficult to send money some 1000 miles away.


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