MIDI to analog

Andreas Pla* a.plass at proaudio.de
Thu Nov 27 08:23:34 CET 1997


I am thinking of building a MIDI controlled switching matrix. A few years ago
I had started to experiment with the 74HCT22106, which is an 8x8 matrix. The
result was not very convincing and I stopped the project then. This IC needs
a +5V power supply and therefore it only allows  0 ... +5V  switching. The on
resistance is about 100 Ohm. So there must be some buffering amps around it,
which I probably did wrong then. Now I really like to start again with it.
Has somebody on this list built such a matrix, or does someone know about

Another thing I like to build is a MIDI to CV controller. Also I did some
experiments with a 8 bit DA converter. It was not enough accurate for
controlling a VCO. Then I bought a 12 bit DA converter, but I haven't yet
included it into the device. I found one MIDI-CV converter design on the
internet, but it also uses an 8 bit converter. Who knows more about that?

I know that there are several chapters on these issues in the book by Hal


(Andreas Plass, a.plass at proaudio.de)

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