Filters, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Wed Nov 26 22:15:45 CET 1997

At 9:34 AM +0100 11/26/97, Rick Jansen wrote:
>I have made a schematic and PCB of the Moog Mini/Prodigy

Great!!  That sounds like best use of the web I have seen so far :)

>I still have to let a bunch of the boards be made for
>people who are interested in actually building the filter.

If you are planning on selling the PCB's I would be intersested in buying
one.   I already love the filter built into my Model D and am currently
planning on building several filter modules for processing external inputs.

In America, tommorrow is a day on which we traditionally give thanks for
all we are blessed with.  I remember a story my grandfather told me of the
first Thanksgiving.  The Pilgrims were stuck in the studio, so the Native
Americans lent them compressors and EQ's so they could release their album
in time for Christmas :)

I am very appreciative of this list and all of the pointers I have received
from its members.  At this point, I think I need to study more about the
techniques and concepts involved before I can decide which filter designs I
want to build.

I am currently reading Horowitz and Hill about solid-state
transconductance.  However, there does not seem to be any mention of any
"diode ladder" per se, or that much about resonant filters.  Though I think
my plate is full at this time!!



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