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Sat Nov 22 19:25:49 CET 1997

Kurt Dwight Bleach wrote:

> I've got a Korg MS-20, a Prophet 5, an SH101 and an Arp Odyssey. Does
> anybody know which uses which kind of filter? Are all Moog filters
> ladder type?

Well, the only one that could have the moog lader type filter, would be
your odyssey, early revisions had the moog filter, but ARP changed the
filter design due to copyright problems...
The MS20 have both 12db filters LP and HP, the Sh101 have roland IC
filters (not sure, may be discrete design...) and the prophet would have 
SSM or CEM filters... ALL diferent filters, and may be none of them have
ladder moog filter!!! :)

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