AW: Saw-to-Tri converters

Paul Perry pfperry at
Mon Nov 24 23:52:14 CET 1997

At 12:09 PM 24/11/97 +0100, Juergen.Haible wrote:

>One funny converter is in the MS-20. Looks increadible stupid at first,
>because it doesn't have any compensation for the diode drops.
>But when you realize how it works, it's quite clever: It does *not*
>produce a triangle from a saw wave, but one of the triangle's
>corners is quit rounded, because of the diode thresholds. Now, when
>you consider that a tri wave is mostly used as a poor man's sine
>in VCOs, the Korg method isn't bad anymore !

......the MS20 is the most bizarre & unorthdox bunch of circuits I have 
ever seen..... but when looking for cheap/simple saw to tri convertors think
about what they are going to be used for..  an audio sine wave in a synth can
 have 10% distortion and blips all over it and you can't hear it.... but
slow it down to 0.2 Hz and modulate an oscillator with it and you have
TROUBLE and tears..... as always, horses for courses....

paul perry melbourne australia 

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