Saw-to-Tri converters

Tony Clark clark at
Mon Nov 24 20:13:17 CET 1997

   Thanks for all of the input from various DIY'ers!  I finally honed in 
on a good design, not perfect, but much better than my previous trials.
   Using a suggestion from Martin Czech, I tried utilizing a full wave 
rectifying op-amp using schottky-diodes.  This worked very well as they 
are much faster at turning on and turn on at a much lower voltage than 
regular diodes.
   Adding a little filtering to the saw wave reduced the amount of 
distortion in the resulting triangle wave.
   What is nice about this circuit is that it requires NO POTS!  The only 
real requirement is that the saw wave is symmetrical (+/-5V,etc.).
   Anyway, thanks again for all of the input!


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