Saw-to-Tri converters

Tony Clark clark at
Sun Nov 23 18:56:01 CET 1997

   I'd like to find out what is considered the best saw-to-tri converter 
out there.  I just recently tried the saw-to-tri converter utilizing the 
one transistor circuit and am convinced that it isn't a very stable 
circuit.  It seems very picky on input levels and biasing to gain a 
symmetrical output waveform.
   Not that it isn't simple and cheap, but my goal is to build a VCO that 
doesn't have 10 or so trim pots.
   Another elegant way of doing saw-to-tri conversion is to utilize the 
amplifier with gain of -1 to 1 (evidently used in Serge modules?).  Using 
an FET in the negative feedback path, you can gate it from a 
zero-crossing detector (saw to a comparator) to flop the amp from -1 to 1 
(usable as a digitally controlled inverter?) and get the triangle wave out.
   But it still suffers from some of the same problems the transistor 
converter does (but provides MUCH better frequency response).  Does 
anyone have any better solutions?


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