A old record player.

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Sun Nov 23 10:17:37 CET 1997

At 03:07 AM 23/11/97 -0800, BJ in the land of tjernobyls radio active waste

>Do you have any suggestions on what i might rebuild a 
>old record player into ??
.....the most disturbing music I ever heard was made by ernie Althoff who tied
a number of strings around the edge of a turntable about 10 inches long, with 
ping pong balls on them, then arranged objects around the turntable for them
to strike.....
extremely not-on-the-beat percussion..... REALLY disturbing, worse than you
can imagine....

paul perry melbourne australia

actually this is what Althoff does, also bamboo percussion dvices, but most
of his things
are gramophone player powered

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