A old record player.

BJ zzynt at algonet.se
Sun Nov 23 12:07:39 CET 1997

Say Hell ewerybooody,or 10ľs of small philosofying
or , what to do with a old turntable!

What have happen!
Well im sitting here in my small room and wondered
what happend to it all.

For some reason Sweden are bombarded by Australian
TV series like Prison, Flying Doctors,Elvis, and some
other police TV series from the 70's..??

The Movies on swedish television are only american B films 
like Predator where the only survivor at the end of 
a battle with some dude from outer space are a pack of muscles
in the shape of Arnold Swartsenegger from cuckoo clock
manufacturer Switzerland..

Not to forget the swedish soaps, they are worser then
Dallas or Falcon Crest or what ever..

What happend,,music are no more fun anymore, young kids are
using some speedy drugs and shake their butt for 12 hours 
or more until the butt losses and swing away into 
the wall with splash sound.
And Kraftwerk had a another concert some 2 weeks ago
and all they where able to produce was 2 new songs in a period
of 10 years time, or more??And even worse,the songs where crap!

What have happen.

The second hand market for used synthezisers have become more
profiting then to speculate in the stock market.
And the Japanese are mass producing plastic keyboards
in the shape of a new keyboard every month, and every one are
talking about that Moog and Buchla are the best modulars
ever made,, have you dudes ever seen the swedish DATATON 3000
system based on FM modulation made in a large numbers back in the 
early 70's,no you have probably not.

Yesterday i went into my famous wardrobe and found a old
DUAL CS 503-2 record player without pickup,so i wonder
what can you rebuild this thing into ,a PCB laceur
spinner as suggested from readers,or a clay pot spinner
or a perhaps a circular plotter to plot some
circular graphic onto paper...

What happen.
Todays technology are tomorrows garbage!
Low tech ,no tech!

Do you have any suggestions on what i might rebuild a 
old record player into ??

BJ in the land of tjernobyls radio active waste...

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