Space Echo sound on sound

Paul Perry pfperry at
Sat Nov 22 03:29:08 CET 1997

At 02:15 PM 21/11/97 +0100, Haible Juergen  wrote:

>I tried to short the erease head (with 470 Ohm to prevent damage),
>and I got the desired loooong delay (30sec.) indeed.
>But this also disables the HF bias for the recording head, and
>so new sounds go to the tape distorted. Sure, I could control the way would I ever let my clumsy fingers get into anything like
this, but here is an idea.....

why not just put a miniature pot in parallel with the erase head, with
the 470 ohm in series? normally this kind of ckt you have probs with
phase shift, c to ground etc but since the erase is
fixed frequency, who cares?

paul perry melbourne australia

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