front panel picture of Bode/Moog Frequency shifter ?

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Thu Nov 20 23:01:30 CET 1997

>>>>> "HJ" == Haible Juergen <Juergen.Haible at> writes:

 HJ> Hi!
 HJ> As my frequency shifter circuit is nearly finished now, it's time to
 HJ> think
 HJ> of a front panel layout.

 HJ> Does anybody have a large picture of the Moog/Bode Shifter frontpanel,
 HJ> where the
 HJ> lettering is readable? Would be nice to get some inspiration from this
 HJ> one ...


Well, in my copy of the Moog '67 catalogue there is a picture of the
6552 Bode frequency shifter with lid off and the text is readable.

>From left to right:

Knob labeled Threshold
Switch labeled Squelch with OFF in upper position and ON in lower position
Switch labeled Detuning with UP in upper position and DOWN in lower position.
2 Pot axis for trimming labeled Balance
1 Pot axis for trimming labeled Sideband suppression
2 Pot axis for trimming labeled Balance
A nice red bulb for power
A power switch.

The cursuit has 2 transformers for input isolation and 1 transformer
for output isolation. The cursuit uses 4 more transformers for it's
internal use.

Anyone who got a spare, please send it to me ;)


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